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About EcoDiscovery Experience

EcoDiscovery Experience offers young kids a safe, unintimidating, and engaging exploration of the area’s native habitats and natural phenomena. Our inquisitive participants develop an appreciation for nature and an ability to see the natural world differently.


The experience is more about asking questions than looking up answers.


It is immersive and hands-on.


EcoDiscovery Experience grew from conversations with parents who wanted their children to be able experience nature in-depth, like they did as kids.


The resulting program was informally educational and cautiously adventurous. My assistants and I took small groups of 5-7 year old kids off the trail to the woods, meadows, and beaches to observe nature and ask questions about habitats and creatures. The response from early participants was incredible.

In EcoDiscovery Experience we learn about nature and science. We hone our observational skills using all our senses.

We hike, take measurements, take samples, categorize plants, and make notes and drawings to document things.


We conduct experiments and forage for useful plants. We become familiar with and comfortable in natural areas of all kinds.


We thoroughly explore the woods, meadows, beaches, and marshes. We  get off the trails and get dirty.


At different times of the year we haul a seine net in shallow water, pick berries, dig holes, set insect sampling traps, build things, climb things, and go places most people never do.


We always look for the interesting things that escape casual observation and regularly consider the questions "What is that thing? And what's it doing there?"

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